Car wash software
For car wash owners.
Information to help your operation be more efficient.
Real time, all the time.
With our mobile apps and cloud based platform, the WashStat makes it easy to check on your car wash while on the go. Quickly see car counts, inventory levels and machine status remotely, get notified via text or email when problems occur.
Analytics for operators
Cars washed, weather, cost per car and use per car all in one concise report, delivered to your inbox each week and month. Search custom dates using the WashStat app to drill down further.

Cloud based
Using a modern cloud architecture means your software is always up to date. Our mobile app and web application keep you and your team in sync across all platforms.
The WashStat integrates with most car washes.
120 vac outlet
You'll need to plug the WashStat unit into a standard outlet located near your chemicals and PLC.
Plug and play
The WashStat needs to connect directly to your internet router, we provide a 50' cat5 to help. Need longer? Let us know while ordering.
Basic electrical
If you've hooked up a solenoid or a flashing sign, you'll have no problem connecting the WashStat. Most installations take less than 2 hours.